Relevant Life Cover calculators

How much cover
This calculator shows the potential savings your client could make when arranging life cover for their employee through LV= Relevant Life Cover compared to an ordinary life cover plan.

Savings from a relevant life policy

Cost to employee Life Cover* Relevant
Life Cover
Monthly premium N/A
Employee national insurance contribution N/A
Employee income tax N/A
Cost to employer Life Cover* Relevant
Life Cover
Monthly premium N/A
Employer national insurance contribution N/A
Total gross cost
Less corporation tax relief
Tax adjusted total cost
Total saving with a LV= Relevant Life Cover Plan
A saving of
*Employee pays premium from net salary
These figures are for illustrative purposes only. Tax calculations are based on the 2015/16 tax rules and may change in the future. The information assumes that the same rate of Income Tax/National Insurance applies to the whole of the premium. It may be affected by individual circumstances.
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